Your Financial Journey

Getting to know you

Our process begins with getting to know your current status, your dreams and plans, both personally and financially. Finding out as much as we can about you is key to making the best recommendations. This will include quantitative data such as your income, investments, expenses and retirement savings. Possibly more important, is the qualitative information as this explores the things that make you happy and what you would like to achieve from your financial future.

Assessment of your current situation

Next, we will assess your finances. This will involve an in-depth analysis of your income vs expenditure, the performance of your investments and the retirement provisions you have in place. At every stage, our focus will be on whether your financial situation will allow you to reach the goals you informed us about.

Part of this will be creating your risk profile. This is made up of four components. The first is your attitude to risk, which we measure using our Financial Personality Assessment. Part of this questionnaire will consider your views on socially responsible investing as we know this is very important to many clients. Second, your capacity for loss, which assesses how much risk you can afford to take based on your current situation and where you would like to be. Third is your need to take risk. There is no point taking more risk than you are comfortable with if you already have all the money to do everything you have dreamed of. Finally, we will look at your financial knowledge and investment experience.

Once we have a deep understanding of your risk profile, we will consider your current investments against your risk profile to see if you are taking too much, too little, or just the right amount of risk.

Mapping the way

Following on from our analysis into your current situation, we will look at areas that could be improved. This may involve changing pension plans to a lower cost alternative or switching investments to better match your risk profile. Based on these aspects, we will make personalised recommendations for you and document them in a report for you to consider. A meeting will be arranged to discuss our findings and the reasons behind our recommendations so that you fully understand our thinking. Remember that you are not required to accept any of the ideas we recommend, we are here to carry out your wishes. If you would like to tinker with the plan, we can do that and present an updated report.

Time for Implementation

Once you are fully happy with the financial plan we have made, we will set about putting it into place. We will pre-complete documents as much as possible so that your time and energy is saved, and we make full use of digital signatures where we can so the process is fast, simple and straightforward. You will receive updates at every stage along the way so that you are always aware of the progress of your action plan.

Guiding you to the finish line

As life takes its course, plans evolve and change. We are here to restructure and develop plans as needed. Meeting regularly to discuss progress, changes and new ideas. It is important that you let us know when there is a change in your situation, as this could impact your financial plan. We meet at least annually to cover any changes, and to report back to you on how your plan is looking.

In between review meetings, we are looking forward to hearing about your adventures and pleasures as you live the life you have always dreamed of.

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