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We Are Effective Financial Planners

Consilium Asset Management provides independent, impartial financial advice to business owners and senior executives in Bristol, Bath and Swindon areas. We value the personal touch, the connection with our customers.

Our team of experts specialises in creating attainable plans that allow you to focus on the things that you love – planning towards your goals, maintaining your lifestyle into retirement and guiding you in the best direction to achieve these goals seamlessly through expert financial planning.

We Focus On People

We get to know you as our clients, learn what your wishes and dive into your hopes for the future. We are customer-led rather than money-driven. This is what makes us different. We focus on your present situation and plan for your future. Wealth is so much more than financial security – it’s spending time with the people you love, building towards a comfortable retirement with the assets you have to make the future bright for you and your loved ones.

Now is the time to make the plans, the sooner you start, the more tangible your plans can be. We use the latest financial planning software to customise a plan that is centred around your goals.

Choose Consilium Asset Management to construct a clever plan, tailored for you. Speak with financial advisors who care about your future and listen to your wishes. Trust in us to care for your future. Make the right choice when managing your assets. Strive for financial freedom through smart planning. Get the trusted assistance you need with Consilium Asset Management. We Are The Human Approach To Smart Planning


Choose Consilium Asset Management to construct a clever plan tailored for you. Speak with financial advisors who care about your future and listen to your desires.

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