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Financial Planning

Financial planning is an important part of life that many people overlook. Analyzing income, expenses, and assets is an important step in creating a financial plan. This plan will help you achieve your long and short-term financial goals.

This process can help you make smart decisions about your financial future. It can enable you to build wealth and security for the future. You can start today by properly using your money.

The aim is to create a financial roadmap that will address your concerns. This could include tax-efficient saving and investing, reducing debt, and creating a plan for retirement or estate planning.

If you are asking yourself what is the importance of financial planning, then we can help. Good financial planning can provide you with many benefits. It can give you the power to create the life you desire. Moreover, it can give you a sense of security.

Lastly, it can provide you with a legacy to leave. It is essential to have a team that understands your dreams and whom you can trust to help you reach them.

We can assist you in creating a plan for life. This includes advice on pension planning, inheritance tax, savings, and life insurance.

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How to Build a Financial Plan

Financial planning aims to help individuals make informed decisions about managing their money best. We practice lifestyle financial planning. The benefits of having a plan in place include the following:

Understanding Your Financial Goals

It can provide you with a greater understanding of your financial objectives. Reviewing your savings accounts and creating an emergency fund is an immediate objective. Reviewing your cash flow and setting aside money for retirement is an example of a future goal.

Help In Emergencies

Creating a strategy can help you to be ready for possible emergencies. This might be losing a job or having medical trouble. Saving money for a rainy day and having the right plan is essential.

Increased Savings And Wealth

By establishing a plan and monitoring spending, you can determine when to pay off debt and save more. This will help you with your finances in the long run.

Better Retirement Planning

Creating a strategy can assist you with your retirement. Calculating your expenditure helps you prepare for later years. Recognising the different sources of income for your retirement is also important. Lastly, deciding how to save and invest for the future is essential.

The Planning Process

Most financial planners in the UK follow a holistic financial planning process. There are four steps in the process. The process is a proven technique endorsed by the personal finance society and the wider financial services industry.

It is used at the initial stages when we take on a new client and reviews if you opt for our ongoing advice service.

As your adviser will explain the whole process. It will cover the services we offer and whether we can help you. You can use this meeting to ask any specific questions you might have.

The steps can be split into the following parts.

Financial Planning

1 – Discovery Meeting.

Before taking action, your financial planner will discuss your specific life goals and objectives. We will consider your financial knowledge and experience. We will also prioritise the aspects of your finances that are most important to you.

We will also gather adequate data and information about your current finances and circumstances.

2- Planning

Your financial planner will examine the information about your current situation. They will then be able to put together your plan. This will cover the advantages and drawbacks of different strategies.

Once the report is ready, they will arrange a time to go through the report with you. The report is usually sent to you before the meeting for you to review

3- Implementation

Any changes required on the initial recommendation will be made and resent to you. Once you agree with the recommendation, we can help you implement it. We will identify and propose various products and services to meet your objectives. This is the financial advice part of the process.

We will then help you set up the financial products.

4 – Review

We will conduct a review each year if you require an ongoing service. Your planner will evaluate the progress made towards the recommended goals.

They will also see if these goals are still applicable and make any necessary changes. Any changes will then be agreed upon, and a report is sent before they are made.

If you have any queries, we can also address these.  

Your Personal Finance Portal

Our clients have access to our Personal Finance Portal.  Clients gain access to valuations, secure messaging as well as the ability to share documents. There is also the option to integrate open banking allowing our clients to see all their finances in one place. 

Access to the Portal is available on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Personal Finance Portal

Why Consilium Asset Management

We provide a comprehensive review of your financial circumstances, offering a tailored service for you. Our financial advisors have extensive experience. They can provide advice on the best choices for you. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of financial advice.

We strive to make our advice tailored and up-to-date. This way, you can be certain you are taking advantage of your financial situation.

We also offer a range of specialist services, including retirement planning, estate and tax planning. Our goal is to provide a financial planning service that gives you peace of mind and financial security.

We recognise that no two people are alike. Therefore, we invest time in getting to know you and your unique needs. This enables us to provide tailored advice to ensure your financial success.

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