We all have our own dreams, whether it is a sports car, exotic holiday or a less hectic lifestyle. But unless we are millionaires, our desires may need time or a Lottery Win to make them become reality. Odds of 1 in 45 million make for a long wait though! Our finances should be nurtured like any other part of our lives if we want to get the best from them.

At Consilium, we believe in LifeStyle Financial Planning as an essential part of financial wellbeing. Our CLEVER methodology allows us to help you focus on what you really want for your future. Our approach is different, we aren’t driven by products or market place deals, we are driven by you.

Your Life, Style it Well

We offer a bespoke Lifestyle Financial Planning Service to realise your hopes and dreams. Our specialist Financial Planners will help you visualise the future and put your dreams into a detailed financial plan. Our approach centres on you and our ethos ensures you get our total commitment and a personal service. We are passionate in all that we do.

It’s important to know you will be able to afford the lifestyle you want. Financial independence gives you security, choice and confidence. By working with an expert, we help you focus your attention to create a unique plan. This might take into account retirement planning, wealth management and tax planning. And because we know that things often change, we make sure it’s flexible and grows with you on your journey.