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What is Greenwashing

The definition of Greenwashing and it’s impact on society. What is Greenwashing you might ask? Greenwashing is a phrase people are increasingly becoming aware of. Although the term may sound relatively new, it dates back to the mid-eighties. In 1986 Jay Westervelt created the phrase to combat the increasing fake

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investment risk profiling

Advice & Investment Risk Profiling

Slipping through the investment risk cracks Assessing a client’s attitude to risk is a key part of the advice journey. This is generally done using questions that explore the client’s feelings concerning certain aspects of investing. Many specialist risk profiling tools provide these questionnaires and often advice firms write their

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income sustainability review

Income Sustainability Review

Helping clients maintain their income Retirement should always be a time for relaxation and leisure. After working all of your life, either in education or career, you deserve to spend retirement fulfilling your goals and dreams. The last thing that you should be doing is worrying about whether your Investments

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Retirement Planning

Risk of retirement longevity

A ‘thinking ahead’ mindset is very important in your retirement planning. Do you foresee changes in your approach to investment management decisions when you retire?

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Pension Freedoms

Pension Freedoms

Pension freedoms, introduced on 6 April 2015, have given retirees a whole host of new options. There is no longer a requirement to purchase an annuity

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