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Short-Term Volatility


The fall and rise of investment markets

Unexpected events can sometimes surprise people. The UK’s EU referendum recently caused a flurry of activity across world markets. Short-term volatility can make investing in shares uncomfortable, but that discomfort comes with the territory, and it’s essential to keep it in perspective.

We manage your assets according to an investment strategy designed to achieve your financial goals. Where those goals are longer term, we use stocks and bonds to provide the growth required to achieve a positive return above inflation. The value of shares can rise and fall daily, month to month, and even year to year. But, over time, they have provided a higher return than many comparable assets.

This image illustrates the point. It shows the MSCI All Country World Index, a broad index of stocks from around the world across both developed and emerging equity markets and, for historical context, a selection of news headlines. Recent volatility is not unprecedented. While uncertainty can make investing uncomfortable, world stock markets can still deliver a positive return in the long term. Since 1988, this index started, £1 invested has grown to £10.84.

The message is to stick to the plan, even during times of uncertainty. It sounds simple but requires self-discipline and a belief in the power of markets that we can help you achieve. And with that discipline comes the ability to take surprises in your stride.

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