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Stock Market Investing – Part 2

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Spring has now officially begun and with it great excitement and positivity for what the season has in store. A quick change of the clocks and overnight the day has been transformed. Still 24 hours being counted but the mood is now more upbeat…..6pm dinner becomes 7pm BBQ in the garden….8pm and we get the lawnmower out. The more motivated ones amongst us see this transition as opportunity to get more work done, whilst others see the extra relaxation time.

The indexing of stocks and shares are not that different. Counted and recounted day after day but the mood changes. Gloomy one day and the next its full of joy. Which way you view it though depends on your outlook and point of view. One person’s low point is another person’s high. The FTSE 100 is seen with great optimism when 7300 was recorded but the pessimists may see that magic figure with great concern. It can’t go any higher……its heading for a fall.

Of course, the FTSE 100 is just one kid on the block, albeit a very popular one. It is and hopefully will stay the most followed indices around the World. But competition is never far away and a desire to mix things up. There’s a newbie in town, Bats Brexit High 50 and Bats Brexit Low 50.

The Bats Brexit High 50 is the Top 50 Companies from the Bats UK 100 index that gets most of their Revenue from the UK….at the time of writing it is not doing very well. Conversely, the Bats Brexit Low 50 are those Companies that get the smallest part of their Review from the UK. It is doing very well !

Brexit is having a huge impact on our Economy but it is a future factor. We are still in the EU….Article 50 has been triggered and yet the measurements of the £, the FTSE, the Budget, imports/export are already being affected. The surge anticipated wasn’t so vast but the overall mood for the future is being felt.

We can study an Index such as the FTSE for answers but it is just figures. We go back to the same rule of having your own Financial Plan in place and a yearly review to tweak/adjust any future changes needed. The hysteria tactics of the papers should not be a reason for making important financial decision, let time and advice be what motivates you.

Table of Contents

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This article is not intended to be financial advice. It is important to consult a professional when considering Investing. The value of investments can change, and it is possible to lose money.