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The phrase Pension started in the 14th Century. It comes from Anglo Latin, meaning payment for services. Although times have changed, it’s still important to think about retirement. How do you maintain your standard of living when you retire?

People are living longer and the number of retired people is growing. In the future the state will only be able to provide a basic level of pension for people when they retire. This amount of money will not be enough to maintain a decent standard of living.

By twenty fifty the life expectency of a man will be 89 according to the institute of actuaries. Women will on average live longer, age 91. Current life expectancy is 82 and 84.

This shows the need to save for retirement.

The government has asked people to take more ownership when funding pensions and making an investment for retirement.

Pensions and planning for retirement can seem complex. Indeed some aspects are.

Our Retirement Advice Service has helped many of our clients. We can help you to understand and put together a financial plan that will achieve your financial objectives.

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We can provide advice on all aspects of pensions including Personal Pensions, Self Invested Personal Pension arrangements, Stakeholder, Group Pension schemes and pension annuity purchase.

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If you are considering investing into a pension it is important to remember that the value of your pension investment and the income generated could fall as well as rise and that there is no guarantee you will get back more than you invested.