Pension Advice

Spouses paying tax on inherited ISAs

Data1 shows that six out of seven bereaved partners could be paying tax unnecessarily on ISA savings they inherit. Since April 2015, bereaved spouses or civil partners have been entitled to an extra ISA allowance. This is achieved by what’s called an Additional Permitted Subscription (APS). If the investor died before 6 April 2018, the APS […]

Tax Planning

Trustee Act 2000

In 2001 the Trustee Act 2000 came into force for trusts established under English Law. Trustees have a legal requirement to understand and take into account this legislation. The act requires and imposes a Duty of Care on the trustees to legally ensure the trust arrangement is operated in a Read more…

Tax Planning

Capital Gains Tax Rules

It is sometimes possible to sometimes have too much of a good thing. This is certainly true for any capital gains that may have accumulated, but have not been crystallised in your investment portfolio. Although it’s generally good news that your investments and wealth are increasing in value. The flip side Read more…