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We are now offering Mortgage Advice

Mortgages and Property

As an expansion to the services we offer our clients, we are delighted to now be providing Mortgage Advice. Having waited patiently for our company permissions to be updated by the FCA, we are ready and raring to go. As with our other business areas, we will be delivering a comprehensive service that puts the client at the heart of every decision. Our offering will include mortgages for first time buyers, remortgage advice and buy to let mortgage advice.

Why use us to get your mortgage?

There are many reasons why we should be your go to mortgage advisors. Every mortgage advisor or broker will give the same benefits of their service such as saving you time and finding you a good deal. We want to go over and above, so here are the reasons why we stand out from the crowd:

  • Fully independent mortgage advice – whilst many brokers are tied to certain providers or lenders, we are fully independent. This means that we have no bias or deals with particular lenders and will search the entire market for your mortgage. The only factors affecting our recommendations will be which product is best for your needs.
  • Comprehensive support – from our perspective, our job is not simply to find you a mortgage and then move on. We want to be your partners in the process from deciding your budget all the way through to move-in day. We will be here to lean on for any questions, even if you just want to vent some frustration! If we don’t have the answers ourselves we will do our best to either find out for you or point you in the right direction. Buying a house is a daunting process, but we are here to take the weight off your shoulders as much as possible.
  • Outstanding communication – the last thing anyone should be whilst purchasing a property is confused about what stage they are at. We will regularly get in touch with updates on your progress and any factors you should be considering at your particular point in the process. Not only that, but our response times to messages and emails is extremely fast so you always feel like you have support when you need it. Our passion is providing high quality service to deliver for our clients, and this will be obvious throughout your journey with us.
  • Use of technology – as a business, we ensure we are always using the most up-to-date software in order to streamline our processes. This benefits you, the client, because it allows us to deal with your case in the most efficient way. In terms of communication, you can contact us via phone, online chat, email or even Whatsapp. Furthermore, we can offer meetings via video call so that no matter where you are in the country, we can be your mortgage advisers. Although we are physically located just outside of Bristol, we are here to support anyone, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

How much do you charge?

In terms of mortgage broker fees, we charge a fixed fee of £495. This includes £295 payable when your application is submitted, and the final £200 due on completion. Please note that we may receive a small fee from the lender, but any illustrations we provide to you will detail this in full.

We are fully confident that our comprehensive service justifies this fee. Whilst some brokers look to take on clients in large quantities and process them quickly, we prefer to work with smaller numbers and offer them the same high quality service that our financial planning clients receive.

Contact us for Mortgage Advice

After a long wait, we are delighted to have expanded our services to include mortgage advice. Using our years of experience in the industry, we are excited to help our clients enhance their lives in more ways through a new home purchase or remortgage. Should you have any queries or are interested in using us for your mortgage, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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