Personal Finance Portal – Update 

Over the month weeks and months, we are looking to improve the personal finance portal (PFP) for our clients. The first stage is to introduce a live chat, audio and video service whilst clients are logged into PFP. This is the first level of improvements we will be making over the coming months. The live chat service is safe and secure.

What is PFP?

PFP is our secure on-line service for existing clients. It enables clients to securely obtain up to date information on their finances, including valuations of pension and investments. Clients can also send and receive messages and documents.

As a client, you can also obtain information about the investments you might hold including fund fact sheets, performance and where the funds are invested.

The PFP site is built around bank level security and is encrypted. This make communication of personal information much safer than email. Over the next few months we will be guiding clients through the PFP service and if necessary we will offer online training.

PFP Video

We also have a video on the Personal Finance Portal. If you would like to watch the video please click the start arrow on the video below.

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