Getting Real with Your Retirement Planning:

Retirement Planning

Understanding Sequence Risk There is a lot to think about when planning for retirement. While we have a degree of control over many of the choices involved, there’s one big wild card called sequence risk. Sequence risk is the risk that you’ll encounter negative investment returns in early retirement. This is an important consideration because […]

Investment commentary Q1 2020

Investment Commentary

Global pandemic impact The extended bull run came to an abrupt end in March as the coronavirus continued to spread into Europe and America, and a collapse in confidence pushed share indices into bear-market territory. Investors suffered exceptionally high levels of volatility during the month as share prices plunged and the price of oil plummeted. […]

Investing for the long term

investing for the long term

March 2020 will long be remembered as a month when information overload was tested beyond imagination. Embattled investors had to deal, not only with an imminent threat to life against themselves and their families, but also with violent liquidity and price collapses across asset classes, including even long bonds and gold. Diversification seemed momentarily to […]

Market Volatility and the virus

Corona Virus and Stockmarkets

Long term investment principles The world is watching with concern the spread of the new coronavirus. The uncertainty is being felt around the globe, and it is unsettling on a human level as well as from the perspective of how markets respond. It is a fundamental principle that markets are designed to handle uncertainty, processing […]

Global Investment Outlook 2020

Investment Commentary

Our thoughts for 2020 Two thousand and nineteen has overall produced strong returns for investors even though volatility increased in equity and bond markets over the year. We are currently in one of the longest US bull market runs in history. The last notable bull run was from December 1987 through to July 1990. While […]

Property Fund Suspension

commercial property

Not another fund suspension! Earlier this week we had yet again an announcement of a temporary fund suspension from one of the leading property fund managers in the UK. M&G Investments announced the temporary suspension of its UK Property fund and feeder property funds. M&G citied the impact of Brexit and significant outflows of money […]