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Temptations for long term investors

long term investment

The mindset and behaviours that lead to financial success are well-known to smart long-term investors. These individuals meticulously adhere to a robust plan and carefully weigh the trade-offs inherent in every financial decision. Yet, despite their best efforts, even the most astute investors are human, grappling with challenges in consistently translating these principles into action. […]

Sustainable Investing: What is it? Why is it important? And how does it benefit you?

Sustainable Investing: What Is It? Why Is It Important? And How Does It Benefit You?

Sustainable investing. What is it? Sustainable investing is a growing trend in the world of finance. It’s an approach to investing that focuses on long-term goals rather than just making money. This means that companies will need to consider factors like the environment, workers, and consumers when creating products and services. Sustainable investing is one […]

How Consumer Duty Rules can Protect Consumers’ Interests

fca consumer duty rules

On 31 July 2023, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) introduced new rules titled Consumer Duty. The legislation requires financial services firms to act in a way to improve outcomes for retail customers.   The aim is to embed the duty into the firm’s DNA and enhance how financial firms treat customers. What has changed? The Consumer […]

The Ukraine war and damage to the global economy

Global economy and Ukraine War

The Global Economy is facing increasing pressures. Whilst, two British fighters captured in Ukraine have been sentenced to death: the BBC is warning of a possible cholera outbreak in Mariupol and the fighting continues in the Donbas. No doubt by the time you read the article the headlines will be different – but no less […]

Planning for the Future: Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and estate planning are essential tools for protecting your legacy. They give you control over how your estate is distributed when you pass away. What is a Will? A will, also known as a final testament, and is legally binding. It outlines your wishes and who inherits your estate once you pass away. It […]

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