Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you should ask your adviser

Before you engage a financial planner, it’s usually advisable to have a list of questions you should ask them. This will help you  understand the service they will provide. It will also help you to compare the services between different advisory of financial planning practices. 

Here is a list of some of the questions you should ask. 

Why should I consider you as my adviser?
Our approach to financial planning and the service we provide is different from most advisers in the area. Our differences include our investment strategy, our financial coaching, and the way we charge for the advice we give. We can discuss this at the initial meeting if you would like to find out more.
What characteristics do your typical clients have?

Although we have clients located throughout the UK, the majority are based in and around the Bristol area.  A typical client will usually have more than one financial planning issues they would like to resolve, such as retirement, investment, and tax planning. Most of our clients are over the age of 45, business owners or senior executives in large organisations and have at least £250 000 of investible assets. 

Frequently our clients have children and want to consider intergenerational planning. Our expertise allows us to help clients that have multiple financial planning issues.

Could you explain the areas that you could help me with?

We specialise in the below areas:

  • Financial Protection – provide personalised quotes for all types of personal protection policies to give you and your family financial security in the event of serious illness or death.
  • Retirement Planning – building up your pension pot in preparation for retirement and subsequently utilising your pension to provide income in retirement.
  • Estate Planning – reducing your overall inheritance tax liability to protect your loved ones if anything should happen to you.
  • Investment Planning – determine your risk profile and ensure your investments match this to help you achieve your investment goals.
  • Lifetime Cashflow Forecasts – use data on your investments, expenditure, and income to forecast your cash flow and stress test your portfolios against market crashes to ensure you are best prepared for any possibility.

“Our vision is to assist our clients to create the future they deserve.”

What if I have more than one financial objective?

At Consilium Asset Management, we make the client’s goals our own. Whether a client has one objective or five, we will always do our utmost to ensure they achieve every single one. With the vast experience of our adviser, we are well equipped to assist with a variety of objectives that a client may have.

Can you describe your investment approach?
Each investment strategy is tailored to each client. Our customised portfolio approach ensures that the advice we give is and continues to be suitable. Many advisers offer a model portfolio service with a limited number of portfolios available. We have found that this approach can cause issues whereby clients are offered an investment that does not totally fit with their needs.
How has your performance been over the medium to long term?
As we tailor each portfolio to each client, their performance will vary accordingly. However, our technology allows us to backtest our clients’ investment performance and compare it to a relevant benchmark. We aim to provide the best return for the level of risk you need to take. Investing need to be for the longer term, ideally at least seven years. The important objective is to ensure that your money works for you, beating inflation and ensuring the cost of advice enhances your financial situation.
How can your clients track the progress of their investments?

As a business, we are always seeking to make the best use of the latest technology available so that the client receives the maximum benefit. As part of our back-office system, we have a client portal that allows clients to track the performance of their portfolios, including that of individual holdings. From here, clients can also view documents, link their bank accounts to review spending habits, and contact us via secure messaging.

We also encourage the use of platforms and have several preferred platforms for our clients to use. On these, clients can easily login and see their latest portfolio valuations.


Choose Consilium Asset Management to construct a clever plan tailored for you. Speak with financial advisors who care about your future and listen to your desires.

Will I work solely with you or with a team?

We are a small team with one main adviser, Graham Bond, and an administrator/paraplanner who works closely with Graham. Leo, our administrator, will deal with some general queries, but any meetings and reviews will be with Graham.

How often can I expect a review of my situation?

We provide all clients with reviews at least annually, and this may be either face to face or over a video call. We are happy to arrange ad-hoc meetings if you have a change in circumstances or wish to discuss specific aspects of your financial plan.

As part of our service, we give you access to the Personal Finance Portal, which will show you the latest value of your investments and most valuations are updated daily.

You will receive quarterly investment update reports from us, which will include a breakdown of your investment performance, along with a more general update on the latest market conditions.

The investments you hold with us will be regularly rebalanced so that they constantly align with your attitude to risk. We feel this is very important as clients should not be taking risk than they are comfortable with.

How do your adviser charges work?

We charge clients in the form of a fixed fee, which comes in two parts – the initial fee and the ongoing fee. The amount depends on the complexity of the advice being given. This charging structure benefits those clients with a higher net worth as it results in a lower charge as a percentage of their overall investments.

How often, and via what medium will you communicate?

As part of our free consultation with you, we would ask for your preferred method of communication and are happy to be flexible to meet your needs. Generally, we will contact our clients via email, phone, or using a secure messaging service for more sensitive data.

We are happy to hold face to face meetings with our clients, usually at our office. However, if you would prefer, we can also accommodate video calls if you feel safer this way.

Client reviews are carried out at least annually, depending on the complexity of the advice being given. Further reviews are scheduled if you alert us to a change in circumstances.

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Most our our clients are business owners based in the Bristol area. Our proven lifestyle financial planning service has helped many of our clients. 

If you are a business owner or senior executive why not contact us us for a no olbligation discussion. 

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The first stage will be for us to get to know one anthoer and for your adviser to understand your needs.

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We will help you with your goals and develop your financial plan.

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Our ongoing service will help you to review and maintain your financial plan
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How do you manage the contact with your clients?

Our administrator will schedule annual review meetings once they are due. For ad-hoc meetings, these may be required when there is a change in your circumstances. 

Once we are made aware of this change, we will arrange a suitable time to review your new situation.

How do you protect my money in case something happened to you?

We are registered by the Financial Conduct Authority. The permissions we have mean we do not handle clients’ money, except for the fees we may charge. 

Any investments or pensions we might advise you on will be direct with product providers. We also have plans in place so that if your adviser cannot continue providing advice to you, an alternative adviser will be appointed to help you.

Where can I see client reviews or feedback?
We have several testimonials from current clients on our website, which you can find here. Many of our clients would happily talk about their experiences and their benefits since receiving advice from us. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch, and we will do our best to arrange some contact.
Do you have any examples of client reports for me to review?

We have produced two example reports to show you upon request.
One shows a Cashflow Planning report, which details the income, expenditure, pensions and saving pots of an example customer. The software then uses this data to create future Cashflow projections. 

Cash flow planning is an effective tool that we offer as part of our service and allows clients to regularly ensure they are on track to meet their targets and maintain their living standards moving forward.

The second report is a Suitability Letter very similar to one that you would receive from us. It has been created for an example client who wishes to start a new General Investment Account and contribute to their current ISA.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to see these, and we will be happy to assist.

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