A different approach

Consilium Asset Management was established in 2005 with just one customer combined with a clear-vision of excellence and an ambition to do things differently. Our financial planners were keen to be customer led rather than money led, offering clients a more flexible approach that was also more cost effective.

Over 12 years later and the Company is growing from strength to strength. The same values apply and the customer is still at the heart of everything we do. Our financial planners may have changed over the years but our ethos is still the same. We truly believe that financial planning is the key to successful money management.

Our Mission

We care about your dreams and aspirations as much as you do, which is what makes our financial planning service unique. We understand that concerns such as maintaining your lifestyle in retirement and not running out of money are important to our client. We can show you how to achieve your goals and aspirations using the latest technology. Our ongoing service will help you stay on track with your financial plan. We apply the CLEVER principle we have devised as a basis for financial planning.

A personal service

As a small independent Financial Planning Company, our financial planners will give you a truly personal service. We know our clients by their first names and make sure we fully understand everyone’s own financial plan.

We see our service as ‘deluxe’ but without the huge price tag. Our fees are extremely competitive and value for money. It is all this and much more that makes us different and one that ensures our customers feel confident about their financial future.