Here are a few real life cases where we have helped our clients achieve their long term goals and ambitions.

I hate my job but can’t retire

David is a successful business owner of a small industrial manufacturing firm. He is married with two grown up children that live some distance away.

His wife Margaret wanted David to retire. Due to pressures at work his health had been suffering. The industry he works in has changed over the last five years, and although he earns a good living, he does not enjoy his work anymore. David has over time confirmed that he hates his job and cannot wait to retire. However David was concerned whether they had enough money to retire and maintain their standard of living.

Maintain your lifestyle and help your family

Beautiful senior couple in the parkAndrew and Linda contacted Graham as they were unhappy with the advice they had received from their previous adviser.

They were concerned about their finances, particularly their investments. They had no financial plan and they realised that an urgent review was required.

Andrew and Linda discussed at length with Graham what was important to them and their family.They both agreed that their concerns were to make sure they did not run out of money before they passed away. To maintain their lifestyle and to help their children now rather than leaving everything to them when they died.

Spend more time with my family

Gary worked for a large telecommunications company. He was successful and held a position within senior management.

Gary was not happy. He felt he was not spending enough time with his family and friends. Work seemed to dominate his whole life with late nights and early starts. The pressures of work were also affecting his family life.

After more than twenty five years with the same employer, he felt it was time to review his life and priorities.

He had recently inherited an amount of money as his mother and father had both passed away.

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