Financial Scams and Identity Theft

Investment Planning

Ways to protect yourself from identity theft and financial scams. You may all be aware of the increase in Financial Scams and Identity theft. As individuals there are things we can do to protect ourselves against unscrupulous people and firms. Who Are They? Financial fraudsters are after your assets. Identity thieves steal your personal information (often to […]

Poor returns on cash

Financial Advice

Investors are getting a raw deal on the returns on cash. We can show you how to get a better return A recent report from one of the UK’s investment providers makes gloomy ready, especially if you have held large amounts of cash deposits for the last few years. This year marks seven years of […]

Stock Market Investing

Investment Planning

Think back to Friday 13th January, Christmas was a distant memory, Spring seemed way off and the paranoid were expecting something bad to happen. It was in fact a historical day as the FTSE 100 Index topped 7,350. Trump was rewriting the history books in the USA but surprisingly the Dow Jones topped 20,000 just a […]

The uncertainty of investing

Investment Planning

In these uncertain times a strong and robust disciple to investing is required. Consilium use evidence based investing to help our clients “The market hates uncertainty” has been a common enough saying in recent years, but how logical is it? There are many different aspects to uncertainty, some that can be measured and some that […]

Trustee Act 2000

Tax Planning

In 2001 the Trustee Act 2000 came into force for trusts established under English Law. Trustees have a legal requirement to understand and take into account this legislation. The act requires and imposes a Duty of Care on the trustees to legally ensure the trust arrangement is operated in a suitable way. It is especially […]

Personal Finance Portal – Update 

Persoanl Finance Portal

Over the month weeks and months, we are looking to improve the personal finance portal (PFP) for our clients. The first stage is to introduce a live chat, audio and video service whilst clients are logged into PFP. This is the first level of improvements we will be making over the coming months. The live chat […]